Support services are one of the most important solution components in information technology management and software, which increase the value added of enterprises and ensure their continuity. Keeping your business’s long-term investments in a healthy and safe manner, keeping corporate efficiency and quality continuously at a high level is one of the most important targets. In addition, significant cost savings can be mentioned with support services. The Duosis Information Technology Support Services Team, which adopts the principle of full sharing, can model diversifying its knowledge about project adaptation, support services and solutions in a way to meet all the needs of the businesses at any moment.

The Duosis online call support system, remote and on-site support service models, operational support services, outsourcing services that enable organizations to move from capital expenditures (CAPEX) to a model based on operational expenditures (OPEX), are the top of our support services. These services can be combined with contracts and the infrastructure of perfect support services can be created. Our support services can be diversified according to different and flexible working hours such as weekdays and unlimited (24/7) working hours.