Are you ready to set out to the twisty roads of the world of informatics and information technology? Fasten your seat belts! Your journey begins with the most experienced team in the industry...

Who We Are

  • Young, yet experienced
  • Innovative,yet consistent   
  • Operative, yet fast
  • Creative, yet effective
  • And always reliable

We define ourselves as a creative and innovative team that is willing to provide simple, lasting, robust solutions for your IT department with efficient designs that we create with an up-to-date approach

Duosis Team


Providing fast, permanent, reliable and contemporary solutions, plans, projects and softwares in the information sector with our experienced and expert team members to save time for our solution partners and contribute to IT departments.


We aim to be a leading company in the sector,producing everlasting and rapid solutions that make life easier for departments of information technology, which are growing rapidly and have a very important place in institutions. We always plan to be road companions that institutions can not give up, with our pioneering, innovative, guiding approaches in harmony and with accurate communication with our business partners.


Working “with you” rather than “for you”; and meeting the needs of your digital and informatics departments with our expert team from a single center.

By closely following the technology, being always there for the companies that we are solution partners with, facilitating your professional life, and providing you with a reliable and long-term place in the sector with permanent solutions.

Saving you time in functioning of your company with right and reliable software in the right place.


We are a courageous and contemporary team with a professional spirit, who take their strengths from their experience and technical expertise.

And we are ready to be your co-pilot with our training, support(maintenance), consulting and software solutions in our journey that we will set out with you in the software and informatics world.

We, as a team, are doing our favorite business.

We love to provide all kinds of support in the most productive and fastest way in planning, structuring and managing the computing environments of the companies we set out together.

We combine our love for technology with our business with the consultancy services we provide in the apparently complex world of informatics.

What about going to set out together now?