It’s fascinating to witness change come so quickly. There are now endless ways and places to get work done. It isn’t easy for managers and IT teams to navigate and support this change.

ControlUp offers a solution that helps manage these shifts, giving IT teams the power and flexibility to monitor, troubleshoot and optimize their employees’ digital experience.


ControlUp Real-Time DX solutions overview

Delivering seamless support for IT teams when monitoring and troubleshooting virtual platforms including Citrix, VMware Horizon, and Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop.

ControlUp Scoutbees for VDI & DaaS is a cloud-based solution that uses continuous synthetic transaction testing to proactively alert you when the availability of your apps, desktops and network resources are impacted, no matter if these are virtual apps and desktops delivered through Citrix, VMware Horizon and Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop, or if you want to monitor important network resources that support your EUC environment.

ControlUp Edge DX solutions overview

Reduce IT support cost for physical desktops by identifying, resolving, and preventing problems that device management software can’t.

Today, Unified Communications tools—like Teams, Zoom, and others—are among remote workers’ most mission-critical applications. Monitoring and improving the user experience for these solutions is a top priority for IT teams, because when people have issues with these applications, productivity will be immediately impacted. But determining if problems are with the Unified Communications provider’s platform, the client application, the home network, or the endpoint device is often cumbersome.