Predictive Analytics

In today’s IT technologies, for analysis purposes, Predictive Analysis and Anomaly Detection of Events + Logs + Metrics, as well as of Event maturity, are performed together, collecting the data on Big Data platform and running applications on the data.

In this Big Data platform, topology correlation and its effect on the service can be measured in addition to real-time performance data analysis.

Detection of anomalies proactively alerts operators to abnormal activities and exposes the most relevant information from hundreds of millions of records to help your team win the required priority.

 Your advantages with analytics

 Advanced machine learning

It ensures that your IT operation analysis is complete by receiving all of your data, including both configured and unstructured data, including events, logs, topology, and any metrics.

 Predictive analytics

Machine learning algorithms automatically calculate baselines by considering data patterns and seasonality to predict future performance.

 Anomaly warning

It helps prevent IT problems from affecting end users with real-time, intuitive alerts that report that the performance has exceeded the baseline.

 Problem source analysis

Defines the trends. It determines IT problems in minutes, with Time Machine data playback and clear, intuitive control panels.

Log and event analysis

Makes automatic analysis between known and unknown data, filters noise, determines relevant clusters and analyzes text to identify abnormal behavior.

 Search and index

Search, collect and index millions of data fields in real-time with built-in intelligence.