Analyze key infrastructure performance metrics of your Storage, SAN and LAN devices with STOR2RRD.

·         You can find utilization of any attached storage in a simple graphical form comprehensible to anyone from technician to management level

·         Free to use. You do not need to purchase expensive commercial solutions

·         Optional paid support

·         Simple administration

·         Enterprise edition

Customers under support get the Enterprise edition of the product with these benefits:

·         Unlimited number of monitored devices

·         Proxy Agent

·         SAN Topology

·         Reporter: unlimited number of reports with the option to automate their run

·         Ad hoc historical reporting including XLS/PDF/CSV output

·         Unlimited number of alerts (Free Edition allows 3 alerting groups)

·         Unlimited number of Pools, Volumes or SAN ports in each Custom Group

·         API for data export to 3rd party tools