Hospital Monitoring and Management Solution

In digitalized hospitals, information systems and hospital applications are integrated. In this way, all kinds of medical devices exchange information through networks and sensors by means of the established system. In addition, in the systems combined with intelligent building technology, the importance of peripheral systems has increased while hospital management practices operate in full.

The interoperability and performance of the systems should be observed by measuring the performance of the hospital applications such as HIMS, Radiology, PACS and Emergency management. However, this alone is not sufficient, it is also necessary for peripheral systems such as Electricity, Air Conditioning and Barcode Labeling to provide uninterrupted service and to work properly and an immediate call should be placed to the relevant team in case of a problem.

In Duosis Hospital Monitoring and Management Solutions, the level of service and performance of business services and peripherals is observed, and when problems are experienced, notification messages such as e-mail and sms sent to solve the problem rapidly. With these solutions, service levels of HIMS or service integration services that provide services in the hospital can be measured and reported. Thus, quality of service, operational efficiency, quality of care and most importantly patient (and employee) satisfaction are increased.