It is the platform that enables end-users to identify and analyze software application problems. As the complexity of applications and platforms increases, the need for APM solutions has become even more important.

These solutions monitor and manage application performance and availability by measuring the response times of users, application components, and specific processes. It helps you find the main cause of your application-related problems in a shorter time and solve the problem.

The information technology inventory established and working within the body of an organization is actually the services that serve the entire business unit and the institution. Each service has service level and quality. Most of the time, the activities of the organization depend on the continuity of these services. For this reason, it is very critical to determine the level of services and to ensure their continuity. This is done using the APM product.

Maximum Value With The Lowest Cost

The performance and availability of users in all devices (tablet, PC, mobile, etc.), in all locations, in all applications are monitored. It automatically discovers the application infrastructure and categorizes user actions. This allows you to see the user experience instantly through web, cloud and mobile interactions.

All of this data provides you with the ability to analyze the processes that your users perform and to analyze the application-related problems they actually experience. In a world where no user is patient with slow performance applications, infinite values are obtained with the benefit of these products.


  • Quickly identifies performance and stability issues that have the highest user impact.
  • Allows detailing custom application version, device, operator, user stream, third-party service or the code that causes the problem.
  • Alerts you to actual or predicted performance issues, allowing you to take immediate action.
  • Complements synthetic tracking for comprehensive end-user experience monitoring.
  • Supports both physical and virtual platforms for end-to-end monitoring of user experience.
  • Since the server requests and responses are visible, it increases security and privacy.