ATM Automotion And Monitoring

In Turkey and in the whole world, we are going through a period that the banking sector has become well-known for digitalization. Banks have also accomplished some innovations that include ATM’s and applications in the name of digitalization. The importance of ATM’s for people and banks is increasing day by day. ATM’s are terminals that operate in different locations. In today’s rapidly changing world (new campaigns, new applications, etc.), ATM management has become a challenge.

At this point, the solutions provided by Duosis enable ATM managers to perform the necessary transactions from a single center and report them. These transactions include sending new software versions, updating real-time campaign information, updating terminal software information, reporting whether terminals are up to date, OS patch management, PCI-DSS compatibility check. Duosis’s solutions allow you to perform the above operations while disabling the human factor to a great extent, reducing the margin of error and costs, increasing productivity. The ATM automation solution patch management checks and eliminates PCI-DSS security holes and vulnerabilities and makes your ATM’s more secure.