Wirepas (IOT)

Wirepas Connectivity Suite

Wirepas Connectivity Suite combines our field-proven Mesh network with built-in end-to-end services. These include monitoring, positioning, provisioning, security, remote updates, gateway drivers, backend services. You’ll get access to the suite via APIs at the device, gateway, and backend levels, ensuring fast and reliable deployment for your IoT projects. At any scale. The connectivity suite comes in 3 different profiles: 5G Mesh, Mesh 2.4 GHz, and Mesh Sub-GHz to best fit your needs.


Smart Tracking

No wires. Fully battery operated. No infrastructure. We make asset tracking with our Massive Tracking software so affordable that it lets you track everything, even low-cost assets. People, parts, tools, livestock, or something else. Essential in logistics and warehouses, very very good in healthcare, construction, and factories. It tracks everything. You name it. We’ve got it covered.

Smart Energy and Smart City

Reading smart meters or controlling street lights requires reliable, scalable, and long-range connectivity. That’s what we offer. Whatever you need to connect on a massive scale, Wirepas mesh or 5G Mesh is your choice. The latter is based on the latest non-cellular 5G standard. The biggest one is a smart metering network. More than one million devices are connected with a 99.9% Service Level Agreement. You read it right. One single network. With way lower total cost of ownership than any other option. Easy to roll out with minimal network planning and without heavy infrastructure. Update your device software over the air. It’s autonomous and self-healing, unlike PLC. We’ve made many device manufacturers become shiny solution providers. 

Smart Building

We give you IoT connectivity like no one else. Connect every sensor, tag, actuator or luminaire in your entire building to a one single network. Mains-connected or battery-operated, doesn’t matter. You get low-cost and killer performance. Forget about complex network deployment. We bring you simplicity.

Smart Manufacturing

Monitor what you haven’t monitored before. Connect all your machines. Every single one. Optimize your manufacturing efficiency. Wirepas Connectivity Suite is seriously affordable and easy to deploy, combining performance either in throughput and latency or in power consumption. Even in the harshest and most demanding environments our connectivity will always find a way to keep your devices connected.