University Infrastructure Monitoring and Management Solution

With the development of universities and the opening of related departments, the number of servers established and serving in universities has been increasing. As the number of computers increases, the network system used has also been becoming increasingly complex. It is expected from the information technology departments of the universities to maintain this expanding IT infrastructure in the most effective way possible with a small team and intervene quickly in case of a problem.

At this point, proper monitoring of the infrastructure and reporting of problems is very important. With the Duosis Infrastructure Monitoring and Management Solution, it is continuously observed that the network, system services and applications on the information technology infrastructure work within the normal working standards. Solution tools are offered to quickly take corrective actions for disruptive services / applications. Thanks to software designed according to international ITIL principles, general regulations are also complied with. Critical system services such as local and wide network traffic, IP security cameras network infrastructure, inbound and outbound e-mail traffic, Web, Database, DNS, etc. are continuously monitored and controlled using appropriate software tools. Against the abnormalities detected, disruptions, service interruptions, or poor performance, the relevant team is placed a call about the problem. This increases service quality and operational efficiency.